Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  What is gelatin?


A.  The essential component of gelatin is protein and is produced by the partial hydrolysis conversion of collagen.


Q.  What is used to make gelatin?


A.  The primary raw materials used in making gelatin are bovine bones, bovine hides, porcine skins, porcine bones, and fish skins. 



Q.  Is gelatin made of horns or horses' hooves?


A.  No, this is a complete myth.



Q.  What are the primary uses for gelatin?


A.  Gelatin is used in many applications that require binding capabilities, gelling power, stabilization, thickening, thermo-reversibility, and clarifying.  Gelatin can be used in food, pharmaceutical (hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, blood plasma, micro-encapsulation), dairy, desserts, and photographic applications.



Q.  How many amino-acids are in gelatin?


A.  Gelatin consists of 19 amino-acids with Glycine being the largest component.  Excluding tryptophan, it contains all the amino-acids essential to the human body.



The annual global market for gelatin is approximately 325 thousand metric tons.  Europe is the largest user of gelatin at 133 thousand metric tons.